Software to be used

This will be the first World Memory Championship in which digital solutions are used. We are excited about this digital future for traditional competitions and would like to give you all the information you need so that you're fully prepared for Vienna!

Most disciplines will have paper memorisation as usual, with digital recall using Daniel Andersson's software at This software has been used very successfully in other competitions, such as the 3rd European Memory Championship in Copenhagen this year. If you are competing in the WMC, please familiarise yourself with this software and ensure that we know your preferences for lines on the memo/recall sheets. Templates can be downloaded here:

For Hour Cards (and 30-Minute Binary if desired), we will be using the software at (URL to be used in the competition will differ slightly). We believe this will make the recall process much more straightforward. If you use matrices (e.g. 3x3 squares) in Binary, we recommend using this software (for memo & recall) so that you'll be able to shift matrices during recall if needed. Try it out!

IAM software

Speed cards will be in the traditional format, with real cards for both memorisation and recall. In Spoken Numbers, the numbers will be played for the whole room using speakers as usual.

International Association of Memory (IAM) homepage

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